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K. F Sajo
IIChE Kochi Regional Centre,
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Dear IIChE Members ,

It is my great honour for being elected to this prestigious position as Chairman of Kochi Regional Centre of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers. I am thankful to all IIChE members for bestowing this responsibility of chairmanship for the coming period . The previous council has taken forward the chemical engineering fraternity into a new dimension through their activities. IIChE -Kochi regional centre has a tradition of strong, dedicated, leadership that I intend to uphold and to the growing family of chemical engineering professionals who deserve the best I can bring from the IIChE chairmanship.

Chemical engineering principles & tools allow chemical engineers to spearhead developments in Fuel , energy ,nanotechnology ,materials ,food products ,chemical ,space engineering , biotechnology ,pharmaceuticals ,reactor technology & environmental engineering .We intend the energy of our chapter focuses on the following activities

It is gratifying to watch the appreciation shown to our professional leaders, but it is also critical to retain the intellectual power within IIChE . Chemical engineering core is the most precious asset of our profession. In order to preserve and advance this core IIChE need to increase the intellectuals of chemical engineering who are nurturing the core and also advancing it in new areas of chemical engineering. This ensures that chemical engineering maintains its leadership. I invite all chemical engineers to be a part of our membership drive.

KRC Academy & services :
In a fast changing environment , IIChE shall continuously review the challenges associated with the preservation of the chemical engineering fundamentals and extension of the application of chemical engineering principles to benefit industries . IIChE have a vast pool of intellectuals who are capable of carrying out studies , publish researches in various field of social importance . Dynamic conferences and journals can be a platform to showcase the impacts of the study on the industry ,environment & society. The expertise of our members can be used for industries for better understanding and updating of Factory laws , pollution norms, environmental regulations, waste disposal , impact assessments , safety ,safe operation, emergency preparedness etc. I would request all members to take initiative for more presentations & publications . IIChE shall help chemical engineers to develop skills in areas of importance , closely interact with academia in providing internship for engineering students in industries and assist students in getting jobs in the core area itself. IIChE student chapters under our region shall be involved to streamline their training requirements and to bring in new talents to the chemical engineering fraternity by propagating avenues , scope and rewards . The experience of our members can also be utilized in assisting startup initiatives.

Society Interaction :
Chemical engineering deals with design , development& operation of mechanisms /machines/plants , physical /Biological reactions & processes. The outreach of IIChE programs should help the government agencies to initiate programs in the areas of energy, emergency preparedness, pollution, safety, recycling /conversion /disposal & environment so as to help in building a sustainable society.

I would request suggestions from everyone including student chapters. It is the dream of our chapter to have our own working space . I request all members in industries /organizations for their association in increasing membership , generating funds for the initiatives of our chapter and assured participation .

I look forward to dedication and service of working team & members in all our Endeavourís to make the initiatives of our chapter a success.

With best compliments & regards,
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